Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
Green Hills Diamond Buyers Nashville specializes in purchasing diamond rings. Diamond rings are one of the most bought and sold types of diamond jewelry and we traded over $50 million worth of diamonds in the last 5 years all over the world from Israel to Russia to Hong Kong as well as the United States.

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Types of Diamond Jewelry We Buy

Diamond Rings
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Necklaces
Diamond Bracelets
Diamond Pendants
How City Diamond Exchange Helps You Sell Your Diamond Jewelry

How do I get the best price for my diamond jewelry? In today’s day and age it can be hard. With so many different jewelry, pawn shops like Green Hills Jewelry and Loan, and online buyers, it can be overwhelming when trying to get the best deal for your diamonds. Here at Green Hills Diamond Buyers we make it quick and easy for you, while still getting you the highest value for your valuables.

Here we have professional jewelers with decades of experience. This allows you to get a better price from you couch at home, than miles away at your local pawn shop. We have the expertise and knowledge on what diamonds are actually worth, giving you the best price. Selling precious metals can be tricky and that’s why we made it easy and reliable for you.

Being GIA certified members of the Better Business Bureau, NYSIA, and IGI but we have also signed an oath to the Jewelers of America. An oath promising to uphold and maintain ethical practices when buying and selling diamonds and metals. You can rest easy knowing the diamonds you sell to us will be valued at their highest possible price. This means less heartache and more money in your pocket.

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